Ghost Steps Traced from the Spires

by Portal Coin

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released June 6, 2013

written and recorded by WH
mixed by David Barbe at Chase Park Transduction in Athens, GA
mastered by Tom Lewis



all rights reserved


Portal Coin Athens, Georgia

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Track Name: Helen Prisms
Life circled you. Wild, endless sea.
We will escape with imagery.
Helen prisms to your eye.

In your days I'm faceless change,
sitting around in the dark, restrained.
War with every closing eye.

Who made shadows
through deep hollows?
Stole my season's
truthful essence?

Search went out for the death of me.
My left hand won't know.
I got ocean vine that will rescue me
from the meaningless.
In the downfall of your whole galaxy
emerald thinkers shoot at the night.
Track Name: Messengers
I went through it all as a passenger
before memory sent out messengers.
With the world exposed it looks natural.
All the circuitry is so beautiful.
You are not alone in your enemies.
I will shelter you from remembering
Somewhere far away this is happening.
Somewhere closer we're just imagining.

To live under
old lies,
old world.

To be younger
Track Name: Ghost Steps
i said to my friends
let's get lost again
they said yeah alright
we survive each night
let's walk on my walls
ghost steps down the halls
ghosts look in your eyes
we won't quit this side

star-crossed lovers of an older order
you will keep your distance from the future's border
the bedeviled watchers have already told you
you are not so different from the chains that hold you
we adopt lost action through the patchwork ceilings
from your empty mattress dream of ancient beings
and the marlowe vision of apollo veterans
luminary missions
we will be reflection

light circled you until it rendered me
world's vessel over auras and into me
i will remember this oh so innocently
we are no other possibility